Pre-Cut Stone

We have our own office in China which allows us to source Stone Blanks & Pre-Fabricated Stone. We currently import hundreds of thousands of square feet of cut product each year.

We import this stone for Fabricator customers of ours, who then install the product to Track-Homes and Multi-Living commercial Jobs.

In many cases pre-cut product allows for U.S based fabricators to make a higher margin installation then they would otherwise have made cutting the slabs domestically. This allows our fabricators to always be competitive, and to gain a higher margin yield on jobs.

Stone Blanks

Stone Blanks are pre-cut lengths of stone. This is Ideal for track home’s or for projects with repetitive layouts. Blanks are most commonly seen in 26” X 108” increments.

Blanks are brought in wooden crates. The blanks have a polished edge on relevant sides. Blanks allow for installers to install right out of the crate with minor fabrication and finish work. This saves on waste, and allows for higher output as the saws in the shop are not being bogged down.

Blanks can be ordered in all mainstream colors, and in multiple stone types such as Granite and Marble. Blanks can be ordered in multiple sizes including Backsplash, Bartops, Countertops, and small islands.

Blank Advantages

  1. Able to be installed from crate.

  2. Small amounts of finish work required.

  3. Low waste factor (less than 5%).

  4. Ability to view material in person at our yard.

  5. Frees up shop saws for higher outbound capacity.

  6. Allows for more competitive pricing to get builder accounts.

Pre-Fabricated Stone

Pre-Fabricated Stone is used for commercial buildings. Shop drawings are sent over-seas, where entire layouts of stone can be brought in for a job. Pre-Cut stone contains edge work, sink cut outs, and can virtually be installed out of the crate.

Pre-Fabricated stone can also be brought in most mainstream colors including Granite and Marble. Pre-Fabricated stone can be very custom, and it is possible even if a project has many layout types and colors.

Pre-Fabricated stone is ideal for commercial jobs where there are large amounts of square feet and repetitive layouts.

Pre-Fabricated Advantages

  1. Very Low waste factor.

  2. Shop saws are freed up to do custom work.

  3. Easier transportation to job site in crates.

  4. Small amounts of finish work required.

  5. Not dependent on local market that could stock out.

  6. More competitive pricing to attract business from GC’s.