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Everest Stone

Everest Stone is a direct importer based in Dallas Texas that specializes in the wholesale distribution of Natural Stone Slabs & Pre-Cut / Cut to Size Stone products. We only sell to fabricators, making us a “Fabricator First” Program.

What makes us different is that we invest in our fabricators as partners. Our goal, is to make our fabricators more profitable, and allow them to succeed and grow. We do this by offering premium stone at wholesale prices, with strong trade terms and impeccable customer service.

Competitive Advantages

We flat out buy stone better than our competitors. We use bigger and better factories and we pay less due to superior negotiating. We personally fly around the world and pick out blocks. We have some of the best relationships with factories that allows us to buy new materials as soon as they come out and which also allows us to select only the premium cut blocks. We spend more time buying, and we make sure to look at special offers which we directly pass on to our customers.

When it comes to stone, having a high quality fabricatable product is one of the most important factors to your profitability. We use a 3 part inspection process with our own employees on the ground in foreign countries to inspect all product that we receive. Because of how rigorous our inspection guidelines are, you can be at peace knowing you are buying a premium quality product.

We have the highest value stone in stock. We have the best quality, for the lowest price. We bring in large slabs to get high yields, and clean material that allows you to have a low waste factor. This Quality/Price formula allows our fabricators to make a higher margin per job which in turn allows our fabricators to be more profitable.

We offer our fabricators very strong trade terms, meaning that you pay for the stone after you receive it. This allows our fabricators to have a larger selection, and also allows for freed up capital to be used for investment in upgraded cutting machines.

We have a huge stock of material that exceeds 5,000 slabs and 100 colors. We stock basics, exotics, and super exotics. If there is a material your customers need you can depend on us to have it. We don’t stock out of important colors and make sure to stock the quantities required to keep the saws cutting.

Our delivery fleet has access to over 10 18 Wheelers and more than 20 local trucks. Our trucks are capable of delivering 1 – 44 slabs. With this sheer amount of delivering capability we can provide our customers with Same Day, and Next Day delivery to anywhere in the southern United States.

We aren’t Happy, unless your Happy. We deal with problems, by finding solutions. Every customer interaction we view as an opportunity to exceed expectations. No matter what problem you as a fabricator face, you can be assured knowing that we will personally be at location to work towards a solution.

We avoid “Drone” or “Price List” salesman. Everyone on our sales force has access to important information such as factory and landed cost. Our sales team has a direct voice with what material we stock. Because our sales force plays such a huge role in our everyday process, they are able to offer you a better price while at the same time having more knowledge about the market.

We are a younger operation that is taking the stone business by storm. Our counter-culture fabricator first approach works. Our customers see us positively impacting their profitability, which empowers our customers to grow which in turns allow us to grow alongside as a partner.

Our Motto

  • Fabricators First

Partner with us to make your business more profitable!